Mobile Apps – Attract More Customers And Keep Existing Customers Coming Back Often And Spending More

A current 2012 Harris Poll mentioned that most of the people of purchasers surveyed deliberate on lowering their spending on dining out events. And in a 2011 marketplace studies performed by way of The NBD Group, a leading marketplace studies company for the Restaurants and Food Service Industry, the employer determined that “U.S. Eating place industry visits declined from 62.7 billion in 2008 to 60.6 billion in 2011 and impartial eating places accounted for 87 percentage (2 billion) of these visitors losses”. During this era, greater than 7000 unbiased eating places closed their doors! While these findings pertain to the eating place enterprise, they alas reflect the unhappy scenario that many customer orientated small to medium sized groups are experiencing.

The unexpected fact approximately those findings is that maximum huge client orientated businesses without a doubt increased their marketplace proportion during this era! And as a result they have gathered an unparalleled quantity of earnings and cash now not visible for the reason that Clinton generation economic growth! So what are they doing to increase their market proportion, attract and hold their customers or get them to come back again greater regularly and spend extra? What training can small to medium sized corporations learn and adopt from the majors with out breaking the bank and retaining profitability?

The backside line is that the large customer targeted groups have discovered to change and adapt to the converting demographic, social and advertising panorama. The maximum important marketing strategies which can be being used by the majors are as follows:

Customer Data:

They have found out or are getting to know to better integrate client information seize across ALL their advertising channels (newspaper, radio, TV, billboards, internet, social media, and many others). They have located a totally easy way to tie these kinds of marketing channels into a single, integrated database from in which coupons, specials, loyalty applications are directed at their customers. Small to medium sized companies generally hold their consumer facts in numerous, separate silos that do NOT speak to each other and consequently lessen average marketing spend ROI. They can use these same less expensive strategies to draw new customers and get their existing clients to spend more with them and improve profitability.

Identifying, Influencing and Rewarding Customers:

Most small commercial enterprise advertising experts file that the main way consumers locate and determine whether to patronize them is based on a positive word of mouth advice from a close touch in their social sphere. However, on the subject of identifying, activating and profitable the ones clients who’ve the most authority to power tips, there has been a significant loss of records on who the ones individuals are and which simple, cheaper and effortlessly available tools to apply to inspire them to do what comes certainly.

Mobile Apps: A One On One Intimate Connection & Communication With Your Customers:

Social media has made learning the brand lots simpler and connecting with cutting-edge or potential clients has been a easy communications evolution for small commercial enterprise. However, customers at the moment are traumatic greater: They want to stand up close and private with the business! Small business specialists need to create the notion of intimate connection and communique with their clients. The successful big agencies are more and more using cell marketing and cellular apps, defined via the New York Times because the “Most Effective Media Ever Invented” to perform this vital marketing project and are those grabbing market percentage from small to medium sized enterprise.

Mobile Apps: Coupon Personalization:

In 2011 many small companies experimented with social coupon websites which include Living Social, Groupon and others. Unfortunately, many suggested neutral and often negative results. The foremost motive for these terrible results is the dearth of manipulate that this third birthday celebration resourced purchaser experience imposed at the businesses. Many had been unprepared for the deluge of customers that swarmed their enterprise, and that they discovered out belatedly that the reductions negotiated once in a while resulted in losses or terrible customer support experience! Again, the best and worthwhile businesses are the usage of a fee powerful mobile apps advertising and marketing, coupled with a selective and customized approach to seize marketplace proportion and enhance profitability.

So What Must You Do?

Your contemporary and/or future clients include the majority of the “untethered” patron. Consider this, in line with the modern-day statistics, about 80% of US household have cellular telephones and developing. Almost 30% of mobile net users use their mobile cellphone completely, and their their cellular telephones are within reach 24/7. Finally, ninety seven% of them will open/read your messages, coupons, reductions or unique gives with 5 mins vs only four% through e-mail or newsletter!

Whoever is in their wallet (via clever phone app), will COMMAND their attention, loyalty and $$$ greenbacks!

Fortunately for the small to medium sized business man or woman, there are low-priced, scalable and functionally powerful, pass platform cell app answers available on the market for you.

What Features MUST You Look For In Your Mobile App Design Solution?

Your App Must Have Cross Platform Capability – Must work on iPhones, iPads, Android and Windows

Push Notification – This feature permits you to send the escapists 2 download limitless offers/coupons to ALL your clients who’ve opted to down load your app ( at NO additional rate)!

GPS Direction – One tap by using your client; and guidelines to your business is displayed! No more losing time & resources to answer requires direction!

Quick Response (QR) Coupons – Can be used to download your apps and additionally as a ‘frequent customer” card similar to the paper playing cards used by coffee stores, etc

Tap To Call – One tap, and device calls your business, no greater fumbling to discover a # and dial

Tap To Email – For your e-newsletter, and many others

Mobile Ordering Platform – Should integrate with your current platform (if you have already got one)

Shopping Cart Feature – Should integrate together with your present platform

Mobile Reservation – Should combine with your present platform

Simple, Inexpensive, Complete Integration – Your app must be able to handling the prevailing capability and features for your internet site, and need to be scalable to handle any future changes. You need to not receive excessive, ongoing code changes or charges.

Mobile App Marketing – You should pick a mobile app developer who will paintings with you to marketplace your app to make sure you get as many current and/or future ability clients as possible to down load your cellular app.


It is not too late for the small to medium enterprise to remember adding a cellular app to their suite of advertising and marketing techniques. It is in particular vital if you are already advertising offline (Yellow pages, billboard, TV, radio or newspaper) or on-line (internet site, e mail, banner or pay in line with click advertising and marketing). Adding a cellular app will significantly enhance your marketing ROI by using permitting you to become aware of which channels are worth making an investment additional advertising and marketing dollars or vice versa.

For extra facts about how you could take advantage of an low-priced cell app to get extra clients and increase customer loyalty and sales please email Mike at: [email protected]

Michael Ofori was formerly in banking and labored at a senior stage for numerous big U.S and European banks. He is a fulfillment coach and